Below is the yearly calendar of events and classes.  We will be adding classes throughout the year, so be sure and check back with us! You can view future events, by simply clicking the arrows next to the current month at the top of the calendar. You can also click the text within the calendar grid to get further information about the event / class. 

During these events portions of the range may be closed for use.

If you have an event or suggestion you would like to see please email or

Basic Pistol Defense Course

Home Defense Training

3 Gun Competition Basics

Enhanced Concealed Carry

Pistol Diagnostics

Advanced Defensive Pistol

Concealed Carry Tactics

Defensive Pistol - Vehicles

Low Light Pistol

Basic Defensive Shotgun

Tactical Shotgun 

Basic Defensive AR Carbine

Positional AR Carbine Rifle

Intro to Precision Rifle

Tactical Medical Course

Emergency Medical GSW

Handgun-Shotgun Instructor Certification Course